University Staff

University Staff


  1. Terms and Conditions of Employment


1.1 According to  Terms and Conditions of Employment, EAU staff should have a clear contract with their payment details. The staff employment is covered by a range of terms and conditions drawn from their contract.

1.2 The purpose of the payment policy is to provide transparency with regard to the university’s approach to setting the pay of its employees by identifying the methods by which salaries of all employees are determined.

In setting the remuneration and remuneration of all of its employees, the university shall comply with all relevant employment legislation.


  1. The remuneration policy


  • The remuneration policy should specify all components of earnings. It should as well ensure that the payments made are not providing any incentive which is outside the objectives of the University.
  • The University’s remuneration policy for the staff should be coherent with the aims of the University’s business, long-term interests of the University, and the measures used to avoid conflicts of interest, and should not promote excessive risk taking.
  • The University and its Branches should ensure that remuneration practices are aligned with their overall task, taking into account all risks. The University should also take into account the long-term interests of stakeholders.
  • In accordance with the University’s staff, the Chancellery Council shall ensure that there are in place and prescribed in the Ordinances procedures for:


  1. The handling of disciplinary events, including the dismissal of members of staff by reason of misconduct and for appeals against disciplinary action;
  2. The dismissal of members of staff by reason of redundancy and appeals against such dismissals;
  3. The discharge of members of staff by reason of unsatisfactory performance and appeals against such dismissals;
  4. The dismissal of members of staff on the grounds of ill health or medical incapacity and appeals against such dismissals;
  5. The treatment of grievances put forward by members of staff.


  • In defining the operations to be adopted, the Executive Council shall enforce the following guiding principles:


  1. To ensure that academic staff to operate within his/her intellectual capability
  2. To enable the University to offer instruction, further learning and engage in research efficiently and economically; and
  3. To enforce the precepts of justice and honesty.



Last modified: December 2016.