A word from the rector


 As a president of East Africa University, I am very proud of to welcome you to our dynamic quality oriented center which is an opportunity to all the nation. I am happy to take this opportunity to share the information of EAU with all of you whether you are a current student, prospective student, a parent, a stakeholder, or one of our alumni.EAu Rector

Dears Guest;

EAU was founded in 1999 with one main campus, where by currently EAU has seven campuses locating in four regions of Somalia.

Our principal purpose is

  1. To provide standardized higher education for the current and

  2. To search for truth and justice,

  3. To aim for human love and respect,

  4. To foster people who will have practical knowledge, noble ideas and a deep sense of humanity,

  5. To contribute to rebuilding the nation of Somalia.

 EAU succeeded to run seven campuses and host thousand of Somali students. This success is the result of the strong academic foundation based on new era technology. As being locally and internationally accredited, we maintained and upgraded the quality reputation of the university.

We have solid evidence that supports our mission of “quality education” reflected in our alumni achievement at superior and leading positions in both public and private organizations. Others obtained Post Graduate admission from internationally recognized universities such as Britain, Australia, United States, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Sudan, and Yemen.

 We attract qualified lecturers locally and internationally who are committed to excellent teaching in classes and are dedicated to maintain our excellent academic culture and values. I am calling you to join your own first leading institution. Remember, always future is under construction.

Dr. Aadam Sh.doon  Ali


Contact  him :

EAU Websit: http://eastafricauniversity.net/
Email:             Aadamkaafi@gmail.com or info@eastafricauniversity.net