Student Academic Support

Student Academic Support


The University aspires to offer high calibre services to all currently enrolled students and university staff through the provision of support, information and advice on academic and pastoral matters.


The main focal point of the University’s Academic Support Team is to endow pupils with the information and skills they require in order to go ahead with their studies and get the best from their time as a student with EAU.


We energetically encourage the service during induction and transition weeks.


We also provide marking to external sources of help where appropriate, and work closely with academic colleagues, student experience tutors and campus based administrative staff to suggest a comprehensive service to students.


The University aspires to give up an inclusive and supportive environment for all its students.  This guidance has been shaped with this in mind to advice:


  1. Students who need support, at any point during their studies at the University.
  2. University staff who have a role in advising or supporting students.

The University institution has a responsibility to provide appropriate support to students and staff:


  1. Students are of a typical age may need guidance and help in their learning
  2. For young people going to university is a major life transition that can at times bring a great deal of personal change and stress.
  3. There is increasing diversity among the student population.
  4. Many students have raised expectations as to what should be provided in terms of support due to the introduction of fees and a more clearly defined legal framework of rights and responsibilities.
  5. Students experience increasing financial, employment and other pressures.


Academic Support Program Team:  A team which provides

  1. Support student with learning activity.
  2. Provide student with learning support and quality education and experience which will enable students to apply the values and skills.


Student Career Advisory: A team which provides

  1. Career advice to students.
  2. Advice with course selection
  3. Provide student with a career prospect with their course selection.


What students can expect from us


The Academic Support Team aims to:

  1. Offer students with the best quality service possible. We are committed to treat all students with respect, to listen, and to provide services that are confidential, impartial and objective.
  2. Give an honest appraisal, which can help with referral to other services within the University or external agencies, where appropriate.



Last modified: December 2016.