Strategy, Goals and Initiatives Plan

The Strategic and Action Plan corresponds the action of the strategy which is divided into goals. Goals are set to help achieve results. From there, initiatives of the action which follows are measured with the indicator. This is mean to help measure the action takes to fulfil the goals. The executing unit of the task concludes who and where the action will be taken.

Num Strategy Goal Initiative Indicator Executing unit
1 Enhance student academic performance Goal 1 a. Boost student learning experience through an academic support program. i. The percentage of students who take part in  the program. – Academic Support Team at the departments.
Goal 2 b. Develop practical/ learning schedules outside the classroom to motivate student learning ii. The percentage of students who feel the program has boosted their confidence in their learning.
2 Increase adequately the number and quality of the lab facilities


Goal 3 a. Provide technical and lab activities to enhance student’s practical skills i. The percentage of the attendance of the practical sessions. – Lab Technicians
Goal 4 b. Enhance the efficient and effective of the usage of facilities and equipment of the university ii. The percentage of availability of lab facility in relation to the student’s needs
3 Respond efficiently to the requirements of the labor market and the needs of society Goal 5 a. Build partnership with business and industry. i. The increase of the percentage of contacts and relationship with business and industry – The Deans of the Faculties
Goal 6 b. Match student skills and labor market needs. ii. The percentage of the advice of student career prospect
Goal 7 c.  Provide students with work experience iii. The percentage of the student going for work experience



4 Enhance learning resource Goal 8 a. Improve availability of resources in the libraries and online i. The availability and accessibility of learning resource by the learners – The Library and Learning Resource Management, and

– The Web Content Management

Goal 9 b. Provide Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). ii. The availability and accessibility of VLE by the student.
5 Enhance the academic program by obtaining local and international accreditation


Goal 10 a. Obtain academic recognition and program accreditation from various local and international bodies i. Using benchmarks to evaluate the level and the similarity of the programs with other university programs. – The Deanship of Curricula and  Development
6 Enhance the graduate programs


Goal 11 a. Expand graduate programs and the required infrastructure i. Benchmark of the graduate program to other university graduate programs. – The Deanship of Curricula and  Development, and

– The Deans of the Faculties

Goal 12 b. Expand the graduate programs and their resource facilities ii. Percentage of graduate program  facilities available to students
7 Develop a culture of research Goal 13 a. Create an appropriate infrastructure which can influential factors for a Culture of Research. i. The average number of research facilities and training – The Center for Scientific Research Management
Goal 14 b. Encourage a culture of academic research and publications ii. Percentage of research presentations and publications  
8 Improve staff, technicians and faculty members’ competency



Goal 15 a. Improve the institutional structures and policies in both academically and administratively. i. The improvement of student registration, recordkeeping and easing of other administration tasks. – The Heads of Human Resource, Finance and Administration Departments.
Goal 16 b. Diversify and explore financial self-reliability for the university funding ii. The increase of the percentage of the university financial and funding resources.



9 Boost the university‘s online information Goal 17 a. Develop an informative university website in English, Arabic and Somali. i. The ability for people to access and get full information about the university information (i.e. Available courses, course registrations, feedback, etc.). – The Web Content Management
Goal 18 b. Develop a student online registration. ii. The easiness of accessibility of university information and the easiness for potential students to registration through the online systems.