Resource Facilities and Services

EAU Learning Resource Faculties


We are confident that when a student with the right learning resource will be motivated to fulfil his/her full capacity. We are trying to offer the best resources and facilities to support their learning.


Currently, we prove our student with lecture notes in PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc. We also provide the student with digital material for their learning.


In the classroom, our instructors use whiteboards and overhead projects for their lesson deliveries.


We provide our instructors and lab technicians all the necessary teaching material. The reason is to coordinate the material which is provided in our seven campuses in Bosaso, Qardho, Buhodle, Erigavo, Garowe, Geldogob and Galkayo.


Nevertheless, we allow instructors to add the provided material with their own material.


Libraries and resource centres


At EAU campuses, we are planning to expand and provide our students with academic libraries containing enough resources to learn. Our library subject advisors can help student with their research, whether for essays, dissertations or project work, offering one-on-one advice, training and support.


In the main library there are collections of material which include humanities, social sciences, and sciences and engineering. In other parts of the libraries there are resources specific to individual subject areas including medicine, law, education, etc.

Information technology.


In the campuses we provide the student with a computer room where students can do their work with an Internet connection.


We are committed to expanding our electronic facilities such as e-learning and be at the forefront of developing interactive learning spaces.


Learning environment


We are planning to expand our teaching rooms equipped with digital whiteboards, allowing our instructor lecturers to annotate and highlight presentations in real-time. We are also trialling lecture and presentation which student will be able to access online or get on DVDs.


Academic Skills Centre


We are also planning an Academic Skills Centre within our main library. Here, we would like to provide our students with an extra support with subjects such as English, Arabic, mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, etc.




Last modified: December 2016.