Qualification in the specialty of the student’s choice

Qualification in the specialty of the student’s choice

The qualification goals of the relevant specialty comprise systematic specialization with the objective of attaining higher qualification in the chosen field in order to confer the basis for further postgraduate specialization..

The structure of the curriculum should serve to allow students to complete parts of their studies at internationally recognized universities abroad.

Aside from professional qualifications, fundamental scientific skills are to be acquired so that the Veterinarian is capable of and can be placed under the obligation of pursuing continuing education according to scientific progress, of keeping him/herself updated on the relevant scientific literature and of acquiring the latest knowledge and methods.

Students should possess the ability to recognize scientific problems and to describe them using medical terminology and to critically assess the value of scientific articles from the fields of medicine and the related natural sciences.

The graduates of veterinary medicine must recognize their responsibility towards patients, clients, and society and be well-acquainted with the legal framework in which their work is regulated. They must also be aware of their affiliation to the veterinary profession and commit themselves to conveying a positive public appearance through appropriate behavior.

Graduates of veterinary studies must be aware of the boundaries of their knowledge and have gained enough insight into the structure of veterinary medical health services to take appropriate

Counter measures. Graduates must likewise be appreciative of the interactions among humans, animals and the environment in their systemic effects and always be prepared to act for the welfare of animals.

DVM is a professional degree. Veterinarian is competent enough to practice (diagnose, treatment and management) in the field involving large and small animals as self employment. He is also trained and skilled to manage poultry and dairy farms and enhance the productivity. During training, a student is exposed to clinics in Medicine, Surgery and Animal Reproduction. Successful graduates can get employment in Livestock & Dairy Development Department in the public sector in all the provinces of Somalia. In this they can go to the Veterinary Hospitals, Disease diagnosis labs, Breed Improvement, Livestock Farms, Extension services, and Research. Some join as academia and some decide to go abroad.