“To provide premier business education through a dynamic curriculum and proper emphasis to serve the business community by providing potential graduates on a value-centered environment” Faculty of Business at EAU will strive to provide every conceivable tool that students will need to achieve success in their careers – from skills and practice to ideas and connections
“To offer quality educational services and empower talented students to achieve their utmost potentiality as being business professionals with high ethics and community leaders with an understanding of the global context of businesses and its social impact.”
The BBA faculty has same ambition and objectives with other EAU faculties. The Faculty of administration is deeply optimistic in the future for meeting the needs for skilled human resource of our nation based on the available material and financial resources. The faculty’s general objectives are:
⦁ BBA Faculty has one main and specific strategic objective, which is “to develop and promote quality and market-driven competitive academic and professional programs to fill up the gap of skilled human resource demand in Puntland especially in business fields such as economics, management, accounting and finance, auditing, Islamic banking and finance, and business law.’’

⦁ To become a real alternative academic institution capable for overcoming the existing scarcity in academic programs that can produce qualified business administration graduates.

⦁ To create self confidence environment to our students and to offer reliable educational resources that can fill the academic standards through research promotion and creativity.

⦁ To train students up-to-date teaching methods and foster their social, cultural and Islamic values.

⦁ In the near future, tightening the new applicants’ rules and regulations as well as doubling new enrollment of which 90% have background of A&B grades in their secondary-school education.

⦁ Encourage academic research and self studies to enable students to keep up with the latest development in their field of knowledge and make them aware of needs of society at local and international levels.