Human Resource Policy

East Africa University Human Resource Policy Document


This human resources policy manual is designed to respond EAU  organizational development needs to organize well skilled human force capabilities to enhance overall organizational performance in the achievement of organizational goals by delivering enhanced services to the poor and marginalized groups in the horn of Africa at large.


The East Africa University has designed Human Resources (HR) policy to attract the best qualified young professionals, who are characterized with creative thinking, adaptability, flexible to shift, dynamic change oriented, and visional for personal development.


The document is not exhausted in responding and meeting to all organizational Development needs, but rather has laid basic foundations, and has to continually innovated growth along the organizational growth respectively.


Hence the new HR policy shall enable staff individuals participate and contribute to enhance the policy as they function alone and encounter notes and do through work experiences.


General Common functional policies:


  • The following functional authorities shall be advised and approved about HRM, prior to any other individual in the organization, who later circulate to the staff at large:
  • Board of directors
  • Executive director
  • Recruitment Committee


The following authorities shall have the responsibility to comply with this policy and procedures.


  1. Executive Director
  2. Board of directors


Unit one Occupational Health & Safety


  1. Purpose:


The purpose of this policy and procedures is to define up a system protecting staff and resources of the organization against potential risks and thefts.


  1. Policies


All EAU  office premises and works shall be constructed, installed and made out in a manner that all EAU  staff’s rights are right protected against potential risks and thefts.

2.1 EAU  shall establish and maintain updated personal records for all staff.

2.2 Each staff record shall contain essential staff required documents


  1. Scope

3.1 The scope of the personnel procedures of the policy will cover the following personnel records:

  1. Certificates
  2. Job Descriptions
  3. Staff Appraisal
  4. Employment contracts.
  5. Hours of work and holidays


  1. Procedure


4.1 EAU  shall keep personal file for each staff member in which all his/her employment related information is recorded.


4.2 HR shall be in charge of keeping all personnel files such as educational certificates, Job Contracts, Leave Records, annual evaluations records and Supervisors Records.


4.3 Each staff personnel record shall have a specific serial number.


4.4 The following personnel documents should be kept in each EAU  personnel file:

  1. The resume of the staff
  2. Employment contract and conditions of employment.
  3. Annual staff performance evaluation documents.
  4. Warning, promotion, demotion, transfer and termination letters.
  5. All documents of staff that are related to work health issues.


4.5 For the purpose of controlling personnel files, the HR Manager shall ensure:

  1. a) EAU HR department shall keep an appropriate cupboard for all personal files.


  1. HR officer only shall get an access to personal record.
  2. HR Officer shall give an especial attention to all documents for security purpose.
  3. The personnel files of terminated staff should be kept for a period of five years.
  4. The board of directors shall have an access to personnel files for review purposes whenever requested.
  5. These policies and procedures shall referenced to national/international rules and regulations of the country


Human Resource Document Unit Three: Recruitment

  1. Recruitment Purpose


The purpose of this policy and procedure is to obtain, for the interest of EAU, the best qualified staff equipped with sound experience, skills, knowledge and professional ethics.


  1. Recruitment Policy

2.1 EAU  will set mechanisms for the recruitment of qualified, talented and hardworking individuals who can contribute towards the achievement of organizational goals and objectives.


2.2 EAU  believes in equal employment opportunity principles and will not discriminate against race, ethnic, political, religious, tribal origin and gender.



Last modified: December 2016.