HR Department Task Responsibilities

Human Resource Department (HR) Tasks and Responsibilities


The University has Human Resources Policy and Procedures which establishes the framework and sets standards that addresses how the University HR should conduct its duties. This includes how the staff performs their jobs, make decisions, and manage the business operations of the University.


Unless otherwise mentioned within a policy, the head of the Human Resource is the responsible executing the HR policies.


HR staff members play a vital role to help the management to apply policies fairly and impartially.


All employees are required to recognize their rights, rules, and obligations. These are the fundamental guide for all members of the East Africa University community, containing University principles of general conduct and rules.


  1. The HR has the following responsibility:


  1. Identifies staff need and develops the position description,
  2. Conducts recruitments showing good faith attempts to broaden diversity
  3. Prepare the job description and ensures proper procedures for reviewing the needs of the university workforce
  4. Reviews recruitments and supervise the recruitment procedure
  5. Review position description and define the job classification
  6. Conducts job analysis
  7. Assures accurate and complete recruitment and selection guidelines and processes
  8. Offers consultation and aid during the recruitment procedure
  9. Reviews and approves interview short lists
  10. Monitor staff recruitment activity and ensures affirmative action guidelines are followed
  11. May coordinate short list review


  1. EAU Employment Practices


  1. Purpose: EAU insures the cooperation with the local and national government rules to promote equal opportunity in all aspects of employment.


  1. Nondiscrimination: EAU affirms to follow a policy of nondiscrimination in all of its employment programs or activities.


  1. Equal access:
    1. EAU is committed that all individuals shall receive equal access to employment without regard to personal background not related to ability, functioning, or qualifications
    2. EAU shall not discriminate against any individual because of historic period as determined by law, kinship group, disability or impairment, race, or gender.


  1. HR Roles and responsibilities


  1. HR ensures employees have clearly defined job roles and responsibilities.
  2. Allows the staff to prioritise their workload and reduce the chance of work duplication.
  3. Define responsibilities, qualification and experience for the tasks required by a staff.


  1. Responsibility


  1. The roles and responsibilities of each staff member are overseen by their respective line manager.




Last modified: December 2016.