Faculty’s Mission and Objectives


The degree of BCS equips students with the understanding of how computers work the knowledge of their capabilities, and the ability to anticipate and meet the technological demands.


  1. Expand access to global learning and knowledge.
  2. Meet local demand in education, training and professional courses through Computer science Institute programs.
  3. Provide standard education based on information communication technology.
  4. Provide online courses that could enhance and complete existing courses.
  5. Enable institutional capability to contribute to the development of the community and the country.
  6. Link with other international online universities and use digital libraries.
  7. Facilitate delivery of additional learning programs to undergraduates.
  8. Acquire other international organizations collaboration with EAU after witnessing the success completion of this project.

The Faculty of Computer Science of East Africa University offers three years of bachelor degree in computer science. Each academic year comprises two independent semesters. The academic year starts on September and ends on June of every year. . The following table shows the program courses distributed in the six semesters.