After establishment of East Africa University (EAU) of Bosaso we had been recommended and advised from Different sectors of Puntland Citizen to add a new faculty of computer science.Since we realize how much impact has the computer technology in our daily live and how it is the driving force of today’s economy. It plays a central role in the most innovative and significant developments in medicine, science, the arts, the social sciences, education, business, industry, and government. As the advancements in the area of information technology have increased dramatically, the university decided to create the new IT faculty.

The Faculty of Computer Science, East Africa University was established in 2003. The Faculty provides degree program leading to a Bachelors of Computer Sciences (BCS).The BCS Department also offers a variety of service courses for Summer time, including a number of programming language courses as an introductory computing course and a computer technology and math course.  These programs are constantly being updated in order to reflect current research in the field, to satisfy curriculum recommendations by the EAU and to remain up to date with changes in technology. All programs emphasize a combination of theory and practice. The curriculum enables students to gain the knowledge and background needed to further their professional and academic growth and to develop skills which will allow them to contribute meaningfully as computer scientist and information science professionals.