FACULTY OF BBA Courses Offered

Courses Offered:-

Semester I

Introduction to Computers Essential
Computer Applications Essential
C Programming Language Essential
English Language Requirement
Calculus Requirement
Quran Karim 1 Requirement

Semester II

Digital Circuits Essential
Computer Hardware Essential
Object Oriented Programming in C++ Essential
Web Programming 1 Essential
English Communications Requirement
Islamic Studies Requirement
Quran Karim 2 Requirement

Semester III

Database Management Systems Essential
Operating Systems Essential
Multimedia Essential
Data Structure in C++ Essential
Visual Basic Programming1 Essential
Statistics Requirement

Semester IV

Data Communication and Networking Essential
Software Engineering Essential
SQL Server Essential
Visual Basic Programming 2 Essential
Introduction to Islam and Technology Requirement
Principles of Accounting Requirement

Semester V

Systems Analysis and Design Essential
Artificial Intelligence Essential
Web Programming 2 (PHP) Essential
JAVA Programming 1 Essential
Visual Basic.NET Essential
Principles of Management Requirement

Semester VI

Management Information Systems (MIS) Essential
Data Communication and Wireless Networking Essential
ASP.NET Essential
Oracle SQL/PLSQL Essential
JAVA Programming 2 Essential
Final Project/Thesis Essential