Faculty Appraisals and Development

EAU Faculty Development Approach


EAU believes that the faculty and staff member should be helped with the right professional development. In sharing these best practices, staff and faculty member should improve their performance by managing their development

EAU believes that faculty and staff members are more productive when they know what is expected from them and receive feedback on their performance. The success of the appraisal process is fundamentally associated with establishing a constructive dialogue between the appraisers and appraised.


The appraisal system is a valuable process which will help the faculty member and the university as it improve communication between them.


According to EAU regulation, faculty members are expected to:

  1. Be responsible for the development of curriculum and program.
  2. Participate in scholarly and research activities which enhance their professional development and contribute to their discipline.
  3. Serve as appropriate in the department, faculty and university committees.
  4. Provide professional services to the University and community.


Faculty Research Development


The end of every academic year, faculty members should present their research publication record or any other academic work they were involved in.


Faculties are constantly facing innovation and change. Those changes occur in many forms: changes of emphasis, changes in methodology, and changes in the level of demands set upon them. Therefore, keeping step with change, faculties need guidance and assistance to help them do their task in the most effective way.


The awareness to establish learning outcomes clearly provide faculties and scholars with an apprehension of the curriculum requirements.