Garowe Campus

5EAU, garowe campus was established in August 2009 with four faculties namely Sharia Studies, Sharia Law studies, Business Administration and Computer Science. EAU Garowe shares all policies (such as Vision, Mission, Objectives, Syllabuses, local & or international relations with its mother Campus Bosasso. Garow Campus stayed in an inner-city small two story building until it outgrew of it and moved to its own current location in the outskirts of the city in early 2013. EAU Garowe owns two other large blocks of lands in the City too.

Since then EAU Garowe included three more faculties namely Economics, Community Development and Public Administration.

EAU garowe runs now the following 7 faculties

1)      Sharia

2)      Sharia Law

3)      Business Administration

4)      Computer Science

5)      Economics

6)      Community Development

7)      Public Administration

8)      Medicine

EAU garowe produced 150 graduates (38 females and the rest all-male) in June 2013 form 4 different Faculties: – Sharia, Sharia Law, Business Admonition and Computers science


 Technical Capacity

East Africa University-Garowe has the needed capacity to deliver successfully most needed educational, scientific, legal and/ technical trainings locally. This is indicated by the number of extra curriculum activates it has been engaged or being currently engaged now.


A very tangible indicator is the successful implementation of:

1)   3 phase training of Puntland Government Civil Service staff for statistics.

2)   Again a six months training of Judges, Prosecutors and court staff members to improve our justice

3)   A two phase Post Graduate Diploma of Educational management in co-ordination with Islamic University Of Uganda (IUIU)

4)   A master degree in Education preparation is in progress with Nairobi University.

5)   An MBA Program with Open University of Malaysia is also commencing shortly in the next Academic Year.