Admission FAQ

East  Africa University  makes it easy to apply and get accepted to the program of your choice, whether you want to be a ,Engineer, nurse, teacher, scientist, or other career professional.

We welcome students of all ages and nationalities. Many of the students at EAU have international university educations, are bi-lingual, or are starting back to college after several years. No matter what your education or life situation, we’ll work with you to qualify for and apply to East Africa University.

You can also visit our EAU  Campus and meet with an admissions advisor

The University has a fair admissions policy and aims to be responsive to all applicants and to provide pre-entry information that is appropriate. All students are able to use the learning, teaching and support service and facilities that we provide. There are well-established processes through which students may raise queries and complaints.eau admission

EAU applies Somali Government Higher Education Admission and Puntland State higher education laws. As part of our strategy, EAU seeks bright, talented, and enthusiastic students who commit a high level of achievement in their school studies. EAU accepts human equality and education for all policies while keeping attracting, outstanding high school graduates.

There are two intakes for bachelor’s degree in every academic year. The advertisement starts on the first Saturday of September and on the first Saturday of February. The application deadline must take minimum of two working weeks. In order to be considered as eligible, the applicant must complete the following requirement.

  1. Applicant is required to submit to the University’s registrar office her/his high School Certificates, Identity Card, Nationality Identification letter, four photos and medical certificate.
  2. All candidates with minimum high school graduation or Equivalent are permitted for admission.
  3. Candidates must pass different entry tests of different subjects according to the department’s requirement.
  4. Proof of English Proficiency is obligatory for some faculties.
  5. Applications and qualifications will be proofed by Student Admission Committee.

For further admission information; please contact at:
Mr.  Said Ahmed Bahwal
Tel: +2529077418909