Actions for Reconstruction and Reviews of EAU Work Plan


This section focuses what needs to be done and the actions for reconstruction and reviews of EAU work. It advices the workforce needed to do the job.  It covers the type of committees, the members of the committees, the task of the committees and the duration of the task.


  Deanship/ Committee Members Task Duration
1 Staff/ Faculty Members Information Collecting Team:

A team which will collect all staff and academic data

·   HR Department

·   Working with Vice-Chancellors

·   To collect the staff and academics’ names, email,  phone, department, etc. Permanent
2 EAU Strategic Panning Committee:

A committee which sets, supervises, advises and directs the university strategic plan


·   Chancellor

·   Vice-Chancellors

·   Head of the Administration

·   Head of HR

·   Other heads

·   Formulating goals, objectives, and action steps based the university values and mission.

·   Breaking down strategies into goals, then into measurable actions.

·     Implementing, monitoring, tracking progress, and revising the plan

3 Colleges/faculties Restructuring Committee:

A committee which supervises the restructuring of faculties and departments.

·   First level:

o  Chancellor (or representative)

o  Vice-Chancellors

o  Head of the HR

o  Head of the administration

o  Heads of the campuses.

·   Second level:

o   The heads of the faculties.

·   Supervise restructuring of colleges/ faculties

·   Naming/ renaming colleges/ faculties.

·   Creating departments in colleges/ faculties.

·   Promoting departments to colleges/ faculties.

·   Demoting faculties to departments.

1 year
4 Deanship of Curriculum and Development:

A university level team which supervises, reviews and approves curricula.

·   A team with specialization of curriculum and development. ·   To supervise and approve learning programs.


5 Faculty and Department Curricula and Development committee:

A committee which develops curricula.

·   Faculty and department members. ·   Produce, control and supervise their internal curricula. Permanent



Academic Support Program Team:

A team which provides support to student learning activity.


·   Department faculty and technical team.


·   Provide student with learning support

·   Provide student with a quality of education and experience which enables students to apply the values and skills.



7 Student Career Advisory:

A team which provides career advice to students

·   Faculty and department members. ·   Provide student with career advice.

·   Career to be connected with the student course selection

·   Provide student with a career prospect with their course selection.

8 Student Progress Adviser (SPA): Every faculty member will lead groups of student as an adviser. ·   Faculty members ·   Provide student with advice.

·   Follow student academic progress

·  Every student will have a Student Progress Form (TPF) where will be kept informed about student progress.

·  The TPF also assists the Student Progress Adviser (SPA) with the evaluation and assessment of the student’s progress.

·  Aassessment will be performed periodically to determine the student’s accomplishments and shortcomings with respect to the action plan.

9 Faculty Folder Session:

A section where will keep information about faculty and their continuous development

·   HR and Faculties ·   Every faculty to have a folder with: Name, degree, course teaching, specialization, and a teaching qualification (if not, have to do at the university).

·         Information about faculty development (i.e. Research and publications)

10 Campus Data Collection Team:

A team which will collect information about campuses.

·   Faculty deans ·      Collecting information about the campus.

o Location: class physical environment, needs, other

o Courses: faculties, number of students in every course, student year.

o Equipment for every course:  white/black boards, computers, specialization equipment’s,

o Technicians: name, IT support, lab technicians,