Faculty of Medicine

  1. 1.      Introduction of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

The Faculty of Medicine, East Africa University (EAU), was established in the 2008-9 academic year.  The faculty provides block based MBBS programme.

The campus of the university occupies 49.19 hectares of land and lies 5km from the centre of the city. The first intake of 43 students started classes in September 2008 and 40 completed their first year of studies in June 2009. Currently there are about 200 students enrolled in six semesters in EAU. The university intake is only one time per academic calendar. The faculty has recently acquired state of the art building equipped with latest infrastructure and ultimate facilities comprising classrooms, libraries, laboratories and Museums and research center.

  1. 2.      Message from the Dean of the Medical Faculty

It gives to immense pleasure to welcome fresh students who have joined this prestigious University for this academic year 2015-2016. I am happy to congratulate you for succeeding to attend the Professional Medical Course of this University.

The content of the Medical Course is more, very heavy and duration of the course is lengthy. I recommend the students that they should consult libraries and attend clinical trainings at regular intervals and also adopt self-learning techniques.

Regular reading habits, sincere and honest effort for learning will also help the students to achieve their objective of becoming good future Doctors.

With Best Wishes

Dr Abshir Ali Abdi

Dean faculty of Medicine(EAU)




  1. 3.      Mission

The Mission of the faculty is becoming world leader in Medicine Practice by equipping its students with vast knowledge application and eliminate diseases that has not devastated only Somalia’s economy but the whole continent of Africa.

  1. 4.      Vision

The vision of the faculty is: To increase the number of health personnel, reduce Doctor/Population ratio, increase the quality of life in Puntland State of Somalia and participate the development of Somalia by offering quality health services to all.

  1. 5.      Objective

The Objective of the Faculty of Medicine is to produce high competent Doctors that are responsible for optimum practice and reflect the overall effectiveness of Puntland health services.

  1. 6.      Goals of the Faculty

The participants were discussed comprehensively following areas under the time frame of this workshop