Fundamental Objectives

1. About_html_2b85ae91East Africa University was established to fill the gap of tertiary educational system in Puntland State of Somalia and enhance the development and vision of the population for the future development of the nation. The university set the following objectives to reach its national goal:

  1. To provide standardized higher education for the current and coming generations.
  2. To organize quality training and skills for the development of Somali nation.
  3. To encourage education for different fields of technology, science and art.
  4. To remain open for all high school graduates in order to spread education throughout the nation.
  5. To serve the nation and solve the difficulties through the weapon of education.
  6. To promote peace and cohesion among the people of Somalia and train manners and ethics that can help coming generations to establish a sound future.
  7. To create awareness and confidence among the public and use their inbuilt qualities and capabilities.
  8. Encourage research and development to create nation with strong intellectual and knowledge base.