1. About_html_m3b35da63East Africa University Runs 7 Campuses in six regions of Puntland State of Somalia.

  1. Bosaso main campus in Bari region

  2. Garowe Campus in Nugal Region.

  3. Galkaio Campus in Mudug region.

  4. Goldogob Campus in Mudug region.

  5. Erigavo Campus in Sool Region.

  6. Qardho Campus in Karkar region.

  7. Buhodle Campus in Cayn region.

 The university felt the strong desire to think strategically to become ahead in the competition as the leading academic centre for educational excellence in Somalia.

EAU offers you not only a solid curriculum education but also a variety of cultural experiences. You can join many of its extracurricular activities, such as sports, Clubs, swimming, research and vocational trainings.

Students from other regions of Somalia and neighbor countries also join the university to learn the experience.