Faculty of Information Science and Technology


The Faculty of Information Science and Technology implements education in the field of information science and technology. Our educational philosophy is to train students to be creative, planners, designers, and software developer

In order to train graduates who can contribute to society, we provide an educational curriculum which fosters the development skills of cmputer systems and information contents from the foundation of information science and technology to develop modern technology.

The Faculty of Information Science and Technology offers a range of internationally accredited bachelors. Within these programs, there is special attention on issues which are related to the modern learning.

Our education is characterized by clear structure, intensive guidance and enthusiastic teachers, the small scale interdisciplinary offerings and its strong international orientation benchmarked with some of the higher educational institutions in the world

In the 21st century, it is difficult to imagine life without information technologies, the faculty produces graduates who are capable of facing the technological advancements of the new millennium.

The faculty programs:

  1. BSc Computer Science
  2. BSc Information Systems

Dean faculty of Information Science and Technology
Mr. Saacid Mohamed Koshin